Teacher Helping Student
  • Tutoring is about finding out where there are gaps in your knowledge and understanding and helping you to fill those.

  • I offer support in both the AQA A Level Psychology Syllabus and the IB at both SL and HL.

  • Whether you are having trouble getting to grips with some of the bigger concepts in psychology, or you are just struggling in one topic area, or in applying your knowledge to exam style questions, or you need some one-to-one support to enable you to go at your own pace, then I am able to offer my in depth subject knowledge and experience in teaching to help you. 

  • I will help develop your understanding by using interesting pieces of psychology research to illustrate key topics and explain useful points of evaluation required for gaining top marks. This will not only improve your knowledge but will also make the subject enjoyable and interesting.

  • Plus I will help you get to grips with the various assessment objectives that are set by each exam board for psychology, and show you HOW to answer the different types of questions they set.

  • As with the 'teaching' service I offer, tutoring can be done online via the ZOOM video communications website, this can be downloaded for free (See 'Bookings' page). Within that, I can use powerpoints, worksheets and handouts to help you master your Psychology course.