It can often happen, that for reasons of ill health for you or your teacher, or perhaps your teacher has left part-way through the year, you might miss some key teaching time. I cover the AQA Psychology syllabus at A Level and IB Psychology at both SL and HL.
I can teach, or re-teach whole or parts of topics, using my range of teaching materials. This includes using power points online, over Zoom, and emailing you work sheets and hand outs. I can help to fill in the gaps in your Psychology knowledge.

Text books and lessons are both useful, but then you need to make this information make sense and use it to answer a question. This can be done with specially created worksheets that help you perfect the key skills you need for both A Level and IB, here, for example, is a sheet to help 'Evaluate' Bowlby's Monotropic theory.

Hand outs

I have developed a number of handouts that aim to clarify some of the more difficult concepts in psychology. For example, some areas in the Biopsychology topics, where a picture or diagram can replace a hundred words.

Exam Practise
exam paper.png

And finally, I can teach you HOW to answer exam questions. I believe this is a key skill in teaching and one I have gained a lot of expertise in.

I will explain the Assessment Objectives (AOs) used in your Psychology course and help you gain confidence and skills in tackling all question types.

Source: AQA exam Paper