The lessons were absolutely helpful and very well explained! I am very happy with Karen, because she can see which topics I am struggling with, she shows me that I need help with them and then she breaks them down into an easy, 'digestible' explanation. She is also extremely kind and friendly! It's insane that such a good Psychology tutor exists!  EA

"I have been working with Karen for my A Level since deciding to retake and can honestly say its been such a pleasure to learn from someone so knowledgeable. She genuinely cares about her pupils and how well they do and can break down anything I once considered confusing in such a simple and understandable way. I am so glad to have met somebody so genuine and helpful in my journey and expect nothing but the best grades from anybody tutored by her."   Shabana 

"I would say that Mrs Philpott is a rare breed of teacher, not only is her Psychology subject knowledge extensive and detailed, but she is truly dedicated to helping each student get the best results for them, putting in multiple extra hours to teach us in small groups or one to one on topics we found harder than others."

"I genuinely loved every minute of my psychology studies with Mrs Philpott and I am not just saying this because she has asked me to write her a review. I always felt confident in her hands, and felt like she cared about me as a person and my wellbeing" MP

"Mrs Philpott is a friendly and approachable teacher, with a passion for Psychology. Her lessons included both the facts we needed to know for the exams, and fascinating extras to encourage further reading and a wider investigation into the subject, beyond the A Level course. With a teaching style that worked exceptionally well for me, and also many of my peers, I would describe Mrs Philpott as the best teacher I have ever had. Her outstanding knowledge into exam technique goes beyond what the textbook has to offer, and her motivating approach to teaching is likely to inspire anyone lucky enough to be her student. She is the reason that I am now on my way to read Psychology at Cambridge University and I most definitely could not have done it without her."  LH

"Mrs Philpott works hard to give students the confidence to have self belief and motivation in their ability. She expertly manoeuvres through the Psychology course with an in-depth knowledge from extensive research about the exam, but also a great deal of sensitivity to individual learning techniques. Her love of the subject is made clear through her teaching and she is always willing to be challenged and to go further than is necessary to explore a particular topic of interest, which will make essay responses stand out from the rest. Without fail her students have achieved highly, and her teaching, belief in my ability and support helped me to achieve an A* at A Level psychology" AJ

"I highly recommend her straightforward approach with an excellent way of explaining things. She provided useful examination tips and improved my writing style to help me achieve a top grade in Psychology." HD

"Mrs Philpott’s teaching style was always incredibly engaging and very thorough as she would give real life examples of the topics and also apply them to exam style questions to prepare us for our upcoming exams. Mrs Philpott made Psychology a passion that every member of our class shall carry with us in our futures"  ZT

''Mrs Philpott’s enthusiasm for teaching is what sets her apart from others; you want to learn and try harder because she has such genuine interest and pride in your work. Her teaching has inspired me to explore Psychology at degree level and I could not be more excited. Without her passion and understanding of how different students learn in different ways I do not think my experience would have been as fulfilling and enjoyable!''   HJ