I teach to the AQA  A Level Psychology specification, and the IB course.


As an AQA Approved examiner, I can offer practise exam paper marking or question/essay marking, all with detailed, constructive feedback.
I can help you create personal psychology revision timetables, provide revision lessons/material and exam practise.

I offer online tutoring services via ZOOM. 

My aim is to provide extra support for your 

 A Level or  IB Psychology studies.



I'm a passionate Psychology teacher, and after spending 9 years teaching in schools, I wanted to offer tailored help to a wider range of students. Unlike usual tutoring websites, I believe that different students want help in different areas...


  • Whether you have suffered with losing a teacher at a crucial time in the year and so need to be actually taught key units from your syllabus.

  • Or maybe you are not getting as much work marked as you would like to enable you to improve on your exam skills.

  • Or you may just need help with your revision; timetabling, planning and support.

  • Or you may want traditional tutoring to help you understand key concepts or assessment objectives in A Level psychology.

  • Or maybe you are homeschooled and need a full-time teacher.


       ...I can help!


Psychology Tutor Philpott A level

Please use the form below, or send me an email to the address below , if you want to ask any questions or to arrange a session.

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